Are you a great story teller like Marisa Peer?

Because if you are, you need to bring a camera into a classroom and create some content like this. There is a good reason this video has 699K views. Marisa Peer is a great story teller, a professional who has studied the art and does it so well that thousands of people love to share her content.  So let me ask you, and you can respond in the comments below,  Are you a great story teller like Marisa Peer? Do you plan to be?

2 Replies to “Are you a great story teller like Marisa Peer?”

  1. Her key message “”First you make your beliefs. Then your beliefs make you” as it relates to our insecurities around our ability to love ourselves and receive love has the makings of a strong persuasive presentation. In my opinion, she doesn’t develop her argument convincingly, appealing more to emotion than logic.
    Storytelling is the bedrock of good teaching, of that I am convinced. It’s figuring out which stories to tell and how to tell them that is the tricky part. At the end of the day the only story we really are at liberty to discuss, is our own.

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