Setting up a customer loyalty program made easy

Setting up a customer loyalty program for your company may be easier than you think. It doesn’t even have to cost you anything for hosting or management. What it does require is a real appreciation for the customers who are loyal to your business.

There are tons of ways to set up a customer loyalty program. Cards with a row of tick marks that get punched out each time a customer buys a coffee is a simple system. Just go to “vistaprint” and order 500 free business cards. Boom you have an instant loyalty program.

But if your restaurant is all about fine dinning don’t order a bunch of cheep punch cards. Order cards that can be set up tent style on the table tops. Make them fancy and invite your dinners to join your VIP club. Set your club up on Facebook as a group that has access by invitation only.

Post VIP exclusive offers and invitations to join you at the Chef’s table for special events, fund raisers and parties.

How to Create a Facebook Group
Find “Add Group” From your “home page” on Facebook go to the Groups section on the left side menu & find “Add Group”. …
Click “Create New Group” …
Name Your Group. …
Add Members. …
Choose Privacy Setting. …
Click Create. …
Choose an Icon. …
Complete “About” Section.
It really is simple but the difference between success and failure is in the motivation. If you truly want to succeed then you need to put some effort into it.

Make sure the invitations are well done and appropriate for the venue.
Avoid offering 2 for 1’s, % discounts and the typical things that have been done for years and make you just another runner.
Be creative.
Invest in your program.
Treat your VIP’s like the very important people they are. Give them something of value they are going to want to tell their friends about.
Then start building a relationship with them.
Ask for feedback on products and services both in person and in print but before you do any of that make sure you have given before you ask to receive.
Under promise and over deliver on every offer.
Think of building a loyalty program the way you would a courtship of a potential spouse.
Be sure to bring flowers.
Be consistent in the quality of your offers and the attention you pay to your members so you are always exceeding their expectations.

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Follow Me!

When you have “been there” and “done that” and are ready to market your ideas your best marketing strategy is to tell your story and say “follow Me”

No matter what your business you need to build an audience and help them become better investors, more successful owners and well educated clients.

Explain everything you do for your clients in a series of videos. Then broadcast your content on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Think of the top ten questions an investor would ask you about your business and answer them on video. Find the right setting; a comfortable place to position yourself as an expert in your industry. Then demonstrate your confidence on video you will share with the world.

Build your profile online starting with your personal profile on LinkedIn. Then the business profile. Connect with your business associates here and exchange referrals. This is a good site to use as a place to manage your business relationships and grow your network.

Expand your online footprint by registering in local citation sites and directories. Publish your content on Facebook and LinkedIn in print and video and on your website. This is a simple system of syndication. Publish all of your content on LinkedIn and push the share button to publish on Facebook and Twitter.

Tell your success story and say “follow me!”

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I’m Bob Polan.
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Do onto others …


Most marketers talk about building your business by asking for reviews and referrals from your customers and they are right.

Asking for 5 star reviews after you bring a customer on board should be part of the process in any business. There is a best time to ask and you need to figure that out but at some point you need to ask the customer if they are happy with the services you and your team have provided and maybe even ask if they have any advice to offer for your improvement.

Set up a check list of questions to ask and make sure every customer either fills one out or, better still, you interview them and ask the questions directly.

In the car business we used to call it the CSR or customer satisfaction report and we would have the customer fill in all the blanks before they left the dealership. The manufacturer would send them a survey a few days after they took delivery of their new car and we wanted to be sure they could give us a 10 out of 10 review.

Earning and asking for 5 star reviews you can publish online is more important than ever before because the public is looking for good reviews online before they will do business with you. We call this “social proof” and it’s an important part of any marketing program.

The problem is we don’t all have a ton of happy customers to give us those reviews for what ever reason so what can we do?

Well the answer is simple especially if you have 5 star service providers that do great work for you. Reach out and give them a 5 star review every time they do a great job for you. It will get them talking about you and with the right strategy in place they will reciprocate by giving you a five star review in return. They may not be a customer of yours but they do business with you and the review sites will publish the reviews if worded appropriately.

If you have great service providers and want to reward their efforts then you may even want to make a video review for them and post it to your website.

Under the video you could provide them a link to your review site. Crafty, I know, but your service providers are no dummies. They will get the hint and many of them will reciprocate.

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It’s all on the wheel.

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