breaking the cycle of failure

I was reading an article today about breaking the cycle of failure in a family or even a community today and it brought to mind the revolution in education that is so desperately needed to bring us better results, to do a better job of teaching and be more successful in preparing our youth for independence.    We are failing these kids, not because they can’t learn, but because we fail to apply the technology available to do a far better job.  Did you know…

  • 40,000 young Canadians drop out of school each year
  • 40% of drop-outs have less than a grade 10 education
  • 80% of the people in our prisons are high School dropouts

The solutions suggested

  • Tutoring and mentoring at-risk students in academics, career and life choices
  • Programs dedicated to keeping students attending school
  • Offering proven, innovative alternatives to local schools

Sal Kahn has done a great deal more than provide an innovative alternative to local schools.

Sal Khan created The Kahn Academy; the most advanced, strategically designed educational platform ever conceived and made it free to the world. Watch this amazing video and tell me what you think.