Imagine a system that will 10 X your five star reviews

Having a Five Star Reputation was never more important than it is today both online and on the street. I provide strategies, tools and tactics that will get you there.

Consumers are scrutinizing your online reviews more closely than ever before. They don’t just look at the stars, they pass judgement and share it with their friends.

Smart business owners look beyond star ratings and pay close attention to the actual content of their reviews. They know customer reviews can make or brake their business but equally important is the feedback reviews provide.

We provide online tools that generate insights on the customer experience, as well as leverage customer feedback to drive sales and performance. (

Imagine there was a way to “10X” the number of Five Star Reviews you get every day. Imagine a simple system that only required your sales or service team to take another 90 seconds with each customer and enter their name and phone number into a form on their phone. That’s it. The rest is automated. Every customer get’s a text with a link to a feed back form and the appropriate follow up sequence of emails and text messages that will turn them into raving fans happy to do your advertising for you.

Imagine what that would do for your business.

Now imagine I can set it up for you, write the campaigns, design the forms and deal with the technology so it is one button easy for you, works like a charm and builds your Five Star reputation on auto pilot.

Now give me a call.

I’m Bob Polan.
My business is helping you build yours.

Call me at 905 954 5622

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