The Socratic method of coaching

According to Wikipedia:

” The Socratic method is a style of education involving a conversation in which a student is asked to question their assumptions. It is a forum for open-ended inquiry, one in which both student and teacher can use probing questions to develop a deeper understanding of the topic.”

Socrates was more than just a teacher. He was a coach and mentor as well. I like to think I coach in a way that Socrates would approve of.

Coaching local business people in building a five star reputation is challenging on a number of levels.

For starters most business people figure they don’t need a coach. They don’t want advice and if they did want advice they would hate to pay for it.  No one wants to get advice from some smarty pants know it all.

So I don’t give advice or not very often anyway. I ask questions and make suggestions.

I don’t coach people through the “ya but’s”. If everything that is suggested is going to receive a “ya but …” I’m going to run the other way.

But if you are the kind of person who understands they could use some help with their marketing, I’m here for you.

 I don’t know everything about anything but I know something about marketing most people are confused about. That’s how to build a five star reputation online and promote it around the corner or around the world.

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