What you know about building better relationships …

What you know about building better relationships could change thousands of lives for the better if you could just get someone to fund the mission.

The people you want to help are the victims of broken homes, the kids suffering from PTS, from emotional and physical abuse. They don’t have any money and they don’t have a voice in government.

Their parents are often the root of their problems, victims themselves  and they are seldom looking for help for their kids.

They are stigmatized by their circumstance and taken advantage of by business people who love to leverage the low wage earner. So much so that as governments move to help wage slaves achieve a livable income millionaire business owners threaten to close the businesses down claiming they will not make enough profit for themselves.

You want to help these kids but at the same time you need to earn a living. Correct?

Well, I’ve given it some thought and come up with an excellent solution for you.

You need to wright a best seller on what you know and leverage the income!

You know building better relationships is key to building a better life. So many kids come from broken homes today, it’s no wonder they lack the skills needed to build better relationships for themselves. Their parents couldn’t manage it. How can they?

They may not be able to afford your services, one on one, but they could read your book and gain a new perspective on life.

They have hidden behind text messages and social media masks, lived in virtual worlds of games and fantasies their entire lives and have lost the experience of living connected lives in the real world.

I know some of them.

They are overburdened with student loans and very few ever find work in fields relating to their education. They were sold a ticket to nowhere and will pay the price for the rest of their lives. It’s just not right.

Traditionally work related projects provided a sense of pride and accomplishment, the opportunity to connect with others sharing a common goal, to care about things that matter and make a contribution to the world.

The jobs available to our youth today provide little of that. Most of our offspring are in the retail industry where jobs have been broken down into spots on a line in a burger factory or coffee serving franchise. Some of these kids will be here for life.

You want to help but what can you do?

Well, knowing what you know, you could become a “best selling author” on the subject of “building better relationships” and parley your success into multiple streams of income.

I searched the term “building better relationships” on Google to see if it is something people are talking about. I got 420,000 results. This is a problem people are looking for answers to.

Putting what you know about it in print is a great way to clarify your thoughts on the subject and make money at the same time.  It gives you a place to stand because you’ve taken a stand and put it in print.

But that’s just the beginning.

I’ll show you how to publish your book online and avoid the costs created by using the services of traditional copy writers, editors, publishers and promoters.

Use the book to generate income, get others involved and spread the word. Attract affiliates to help you sell the book and promote the cause. Use it as a gift at fund raisers, turn it into a course you can present in person and sell on video.

Use this model to create multiple books, courses and incomes.

Here’s how 5X best selling author Chandler Bolt did it and he’s one of those people, had you met him a few short years ago in high school, you would have judged nearly hopeless.

“You’ll never amount to much,” English teachers used to tell him, or so Chandler recalls.

He struggled to pass English class and was tired of getting back papers covered in red ink.

He even went to college for a while and accumulated the student debt required for the opportunity.

But that wasn’t right for him, and he didn’t want to get stuck in a cubicle — or hear another teacher tell him what he couldn’t do.

As he studied successful entrepreneurs, he noticed most of them had one trait in common: almost all of them had written a book, then used it to grow their business.

So he did something nobody expected him to.

He decided to write a book.

The first few days, it seemed impossible. But he quickly broke down the process, and he finished his first book in just a month.

That book became a bestseller.

And he saw his book in print — something even his English teachers had never achieved.

That author’s name is Chandler Bolt. And less than 2 years after he dropped out of college, he’s a 5X bestselling author.

He even built a business using his books — and it almost hit 7 figures last year.

But it wasn’t a fluke. And he didn’t get “lucky” or win the genetic lottery.

Instead, he just studied what thousands of successful people before him did and found a better, faster way to become a bestselling author.

He just recorded a new video course (free) that shows you the exactly how to become a bestselling author and generate passive income — whether you’re the next Hemingway or almost as bad as he was.

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You don’t have to stop what you are doing now.

And you don’t need to spend years on your book, either — he’ll show you how to write or speak your book in as little as 1 hour 40 mins. (Yes, really.)

People just like you followed the blueprint in this free video to make $1,287, $5,500, even $12,424.03 — with even more book royalty checks coming in every month.

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I’m Bob Polan.
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